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How to order a GIA certificate in Applied Jewelry Professional?

GIA certificate
GIA certificate

GIA is a non-profit organization whose funds are donated by people in the jewelry industry. Buy a GIA certificate, Its main service scope is jewelry appraisal and professional knowledge education and research, which is well recognized by the global jewelry industry. GIA certificate diamond, GIA is the founder of the internationalization of diamond grading reports.

In 1931, Mr. Robert M. Shipley founded the GIA Gemological Institute of America. GIA certificate sample, So far, GIA has 14 teaching institutions around the world, providing professional research, sales, identification, and other courses, and training high-quality jewelry practitioners. fake GIA certificate, It also contributed to GIA’s lofty reputation in the industry, so that the public’s trust and professionalism have always maintained its leading position in the world. how to get a GIA certificate, Today, the 4C standard proposed by GIA is also a general standard in the international jewelry industry.

How much does a GIA certificate cost?

Similar institutions to the GIA certificate include the IGI International Gemological Institute for the high-end market, and the most authoritative NGTC in China, the National Jewelry and Jade Testing Center.

GIA is the Gemological Institute of America, a non-profit organization, and the 4C grade of diamonds is issued by it; buy fake GIA certificate, IGI is the International Gemological Institute; HRD is the Belgian Diamond High-level Conference; EGL is the European Gemological Institute; Universal, and only identifies loose diamonds.