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Yale University degree
Yale University degree

Yale University referred to as “Yale” and “Yale”, is located in New Haven, Connecticut, USA. Fake Yale University degree, One of the colleges and a member of the famous Ivy League.

As one of the most influential private universities in the United States, Yale University is the third university established in the history of the United States. Yale University second bachelor degree, Its undergraduate school is as famous as Harvard University and Princeton University, and has been competing among the top three undergraduate schools in the United States over the years, ranked 3rd in the 2019-20 US. News American University Undergraduate Rankings. fake Yale University degree, The Yale University Library has a collection of 15 million volumes, ranking second in the American university library system.

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The most important management feature of Yale University is “professional governance”, which has had a huge impact on the American higher education community. Buy a degree, In the early days of the school, through the efforts of three generations of presidents, Yale gradually formed regulations that the board of directors does not specifically participate in the management of the school, but the professors will govern the school. Yale University online degree, Yale University degree certificate, There was a saying in the United States at that time: “Princeton directors are in power, Harvard presidents are in charge, and Yale professors are in charge”.

As President Richard Levine said: “Education of people to serve society does not mean that education must focus on acquiring practical skills. Yale seeks to provide students with a broad, liberal educational worldview, not a narrow, restrictive one. Yale University undergraduate degrees, The professional education of Yale University makes them more capable of leadership and service. Yale University is also a community of mutual respect and learning and cherishes free expression and exploration of all things in the world. In this community, people’s interaction patterns also serve society. “